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Espanya Industrial Park in Sants district

Although located strategically next to “Estación de Sants”, Barcelona’s main train station, the Espanya Industrial Park is not well known by people who live outside the Sants District. You might recognize it thanks to its characteristic tall towers that look like lighthouses.

Before there was water at the feet of the nine towers, but at the moment it is completely dry.

There are a few different areas in the park:
– The main entrance of the park in front of Sants Station is guarded by a massive metal structure shaped like a dragon. Kids can climb on it and slide down the mouth.
– The space beside the towers is dry at the moment but it will be spectacular once they fill it again.
– There is a big green area with a lot of trees but I wouldn’t use it for a picnic because of the dogs using it as a bathroom!
– A next area is a good place for the kids to play ball. There are also a basketball hoop and table tennis.
– The last area is the best because it is a well-shaded playground and it is huge! A lot to do for children here.

Brief history:
It was built in 1985 by the Basque architect Luis Peña Ganchegui. It takes its name from the company who owned the grounds of the park at the time (“La España Industrial”). The building of “La Casa del Mig”, still conserved, was the old office of the company.
Originally this park was supposed to be characterised by the 4 elements: water, fire, earth, and air.


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